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5,, to Card et al., issued on June 16, . wherein the at least one carbohydrate ether imparts an improved salt stability to the technology exhibit some particularly useful and unexpected additional properties. .. so an additional g of 50 wt% Na was charged to the reactor solution, still at about. wearable computer, a see-through head-mounted display, and a wireless network system. The . systems augmenting human cognition (Card, Mackinlay, & Shneiderman, ). .. The results showed a delay in detecting unexpected NA Excluded. Out. Poor scene quality. NA In. NA In. Records 1 - 22 - UNEX Network Card NA driver. UNEX Network Card NA driver from UNEX for Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/XP//Vista/XP X

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Sugars, such as glucose or sucrose, have very low or essentially no solubility in these solvents.

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Polysaccharides such as starch, cellulose, or guar are essentially insoluble in the solvents, Carbohydrate fragments of the CCE composition may also be linked through linker fragments which are amine substituted. For examples, an amine molecule having more than one chemical functional group that can form an ether linkage to a carbohydrate can be used as a hydrophilic linker substrate to join multiple carbohydrate fragments.

Polyamines linkers are another example of hydrophilic linkers. UNEX Network Card NA011

The amine groups in linker fragments are not necessarily quaternary. These chains are distinctly different from polysaccharides, because the links forming the chains and branch points are not glycosidic, but are ether links.

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Polymeric and oligomeric cationic carbohydrate ethers of the present technology typically have much lower molecular weights than do, UNEX Network Card NA011 example, polysaccharides such as starches and cellulose. It is expected that at least one order of magnitude differentiates the molecular weight of cationic carbohydrate ethers from typical molecular weight of polysaccharides such as cellulose, guar, or starch.

It is expected that UNEX Network Card NA011 CCE composition of the present technology has a weight average molecular weight up to on the order of about Daltons, while the mentioned polysaccharides typically have average molecular weights range from about 1X to over ix j06 Daltons. The lower molecular weights of cationic carbohydrate ethers of the present technology can avoid at least some disadvantages of UNEX Network Card NA011, such as difficulties in handling and use which include, for example, difficulty of dissolution and removal.

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This can happen, for example, when epichlorohydrin is used to link sugar groups through the formation of di-glyeeryl sugar ethers. Glycerol is the simplest sugar alcohol, thus the polymer or oligomer is a poly-carbohydrate. A CCE comprising such oligomeric or polymeric chains can also be substituted with one UNEX Network Card NA011 more cationic fragments with quaternary ammonium groups pendant to each chain. The CCE is thus a surfactant.

Preferably, the nature of the surface activity can be controlled by varying the UNEX Network Card NA011 of hydrophobicity of the CCE, primarily through the stoichiometry and composition of the reactants. Surface activity includes, for example, surface tension reduction, wetting, foaming, emulsification, demulsification, and detergency.

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Surface tension can also be controlled by the degree of carbohydrate to carbohydrate ether linkage, since this increases molecular size, which affects surface activity. More preferably, at least one of the one or more cationic fragments in the cationic carbohydrate ether of the presently described technology contains one or more hydrophobe. In accordance with at least some embodiments of the presently described technology, at least a portion of the hydrophobes UNEX Network Card NA011 the UNEX Network Card NA011 carbohydrate ether molecule, preferably at least a portion of the hydrophobes in the cationic.

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UNEX Network Card NA011 at least one preferred embodiment, at least one hydrophobe in the cationic carbohydrate ether of the present technology is derived from a carboxylic acid. Preferred carboxylic acids for use with the present technology have from 13 to 40 carbon atoms, and more preferably have from 16 to 22 carbon atoms.

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Carboxylic acids derived from fatty acids typically contain from 8 to 24 carbon atoms. Carboxylic acids from UNEX Network Card NA011 sources offer a wider variety of structures than do those found in common fatty acids mostly linear chainssuch as cyclic, aromatic, and polyfunctional compounds. Non-fatty acid derived carboxylic acids may be used with the present technology when their structural features impart useful properties to the viscoelastic compositions.

Examples of useful structural features include aromatic UNEX Network Card NA011, which are rigid and approximately planar. Hydrophobes may also be bonded to the linker fragments of the cationic carbohydrate ether molecules through ester, carboxamide, or carboxamidine functional groups. Not being bound by any particular theory, it is believed that surfactants in which the hydrophobes are attached through these functional groups are biodegraded more easily than those UNEX Network Card NA011 which the hydrophobes are attached as hydrocarbyl functional groups because they can undergo hydrolytic cleavage of the amine group from the hydrocarbon hydrophobe.

Therefore, at least some cationic carbohydrate ethers of the present technology are more susceptible than conventional alkylamine cationic compounds to natural chemical degradation processes such as hydrolysis or oxidation.

As a result, one or more of the CCE compositions of the present technology can degrade in the environment UNEX Network Card NA011 than conventional alkylamine cationic compounds. Therefore, another notable advantage in one or more preferred embodiments of the present technology is the ease of degradation of cationic carbohydrate ethers CCEs after their use or disposal.

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And therefore, some embodiments of the chemical compounds of the present technology are expected to be less environmentally harmful and accumulate less in the environment than conventional alkylamine cationic compounds. Such amines may include, but are not limited to amidoamines, ester amines, alkylamines, or alkanolamines. Preferred amines are substituted with from UNEX Network Card NA011 1 to four 4 aliphatic, cycloaliphatie, or aromatic groups.

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