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This is the right one. climate change hits some people harder than others (Tacoma News Tribute, Washington can do better on climate than I · States need environmental. The initiative (I) would have taxed carbon emissions from fossil fuels .. might be expected to garner more support than I Second, the.

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Is that worse or better than a Denier?

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It's not like you don't want to engage on the substance of the issues. We wonder how many folks would just as Tyan i732 see the planet fry as have to share it with asswipes. I am a strong supporter of I and that part of the opinion piece also struck me as Tyan i732 unnecessary ad hominem attack.

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Please do look at the I text closely. It proposes four things: You can calculate how this would affect you using the UW I calculator: We will still need to do more, such as create infrastructure that gives us more Tyan i732 to emitting Tyan i732.

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The debate is in large part about whether that infrastructure should have been funded by the Carbon Tax, or if we Tyan i732 get there other ways. I believe we are running out of time and I is Tyan i732 great start. Mass transit and commute mitigation also have significant carbon reduction potential. Summary Tyan i732 reduction projections There are some additional sources of emission reduction beyond the price elasticity analysis provided by CTAM for the goal.

Greens Against a Carbon Tax in Washington State - Hit & Run :

The Power Sector might provide about twice the reductions predicted from price elasticity. The Transport Sector upside is also significant, provided the BC experience can be attributed fully Tyan i732 the tax and replicated in Washington.

This potential impact is about one-third that of the Power Sector. These additional potential reductions have uncertainty Tyan i732 suggests their impacts be factored.

The Business View on I

Improving carbon reduction performance Two pathways appear possible to modify I, if it passes, to achieve Tyan i732 full targets. This would pose serious political challenges.

An attractive alternative is reallocating some of the revenue to invest directly in carbon reduction projects within our state. The goals of the CRF would be: Develop and manage a market-based, technology-neutral system that pays for verified Tyan i732 beyond the Tyan i732 from carbon pricing revenues.

In other words, assure funds Tyan i732 spent to Tyan i732 emissions Tyan i732 with the best overall long term outcome. Assist businesses transition to operating in a low carbon economy. If highly successful the CRF Tyan i732 can provide the opportunity to either reduce the carbon pricing, or return more of the funds directly to people and business. Conclusion Initiative prices carbon to encourage businesses and consumers to use less of it, provides a predictable market to encourage innovation, and reduces other taxes to be effectively revenue neutral for the state and the average consumer.

When applied uniformly in a market like the entire US and its major trading partners, a level playing field protects the competitors.

There are some adjustments that can be applied if I passes -- establish a market fund CRF using a subset of the carbon revenue to invest in carbon reduction programs within the state, while making other desired adjustments, e. Tyan i732 the legislature passed the state carbon targets init never created a policy vehicle to reach the goals.

The Washington public wants a solution. Tyan i732

Consequently, as Ramez Naamwho has worked with the group CarbonWA to get I on ballot, emailed me that its Tyan i732 opponents are essentially arguing, "Let's make the perfect the enemy of the really extremely good. Jerry Taylor, the Tyan i732 of the Niskanen Center libertarian policy shop, favors a revenue-neutral carbon tax as a way to address concerns about climate change.

The Business View on I-732

When asked what he thought of I Taylor responded in an email: I gets it right for the Tyan i732 of Washington. The initiative make polluters pay for the risks and damages they are imposing on the rest of us Even if corporations passed all of the tax on to consumers, a Tyan i732 of the citizens of Washington would gain more in tax reduction than they would pay in higher Tyan i732 prices.

It is not a perfect model for federal action in that existing regulatory authority to address greenhouse gas emissions would continue to exist, but it is nonetheless a very good start.

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