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Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 Driver

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Our selective sampling of drinking Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 disclosed the presence of PCB's in the Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 supply of two communities. The evidence we have accumulated over the past 3 years has underscored our original concern over the toxicity of PCB's and over the potential health hazard posed by the presence of high PCB concentrations in waterways, in water supplies, and in fish.

This, in brief, is the situation we find ourselves in today. We have called this conference to help us deal with it, to determine, as I said at the outset, what we know and what we should do about PCB's.

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I cannot help but recall that when I became the first Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality in Februarymy very first directive to our small staff was to develop a legislative proposal for dealing with this class of problem. The time had clearly come for an effective mechanism Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 deal broadly with such problems, not only after the fact, but also to help prevent their occurrence in the first place.

Almost 5 years have now passed since President Nixon first proposed such legislation to Congress. Over those 5 years we have introduced into the commercial market an estimated chemical compounds annually.

Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 Treiber

We have done so without any systematic, advance assess- ment of Their potential impact upon public health. Yet, as we have learned Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 our experience with such materials as vinyl chloride, we may not discover how harmful a compound can be until years after it has be- come a rather commonplace item in our everyday lives, even a significant factor in our economy.

Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4, again and again we find ourselves engaged in an extremely difficult and drawn-out struggle to protect the public from a hazard to which it has already been exposed while at the same time trying to avoid putting people out of business or out of work.

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Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 find ourselves trying to choose be- tween a health hazard and a safety hazard. We find our- selves without the authority we need to really cope with the Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 posed by PCB's, the authority to limit selected uses and distribution of PCB's as well as to require testing concerning the health and ecological effects of Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 substitutes.

With regard to PCB's, we will continue to address the problem as effectively as we can under existing authorities, especially under the Water Act, while at the same time recognizing the inherent inadequacies of the piecemeal approach we are forced to take. We are also working on measures we would propose under any toxic substances bill that may be enacted. They would take into account, not only the available information on toxicity and exposure levels, but also the impact of any regulatory steps upon business, employment, and the economy, I look forward to the contributions this con- ference can make to the development of an effective regulatory program for PCB's both under existing auth- ority and under a toxic substances law.

About a month ago, in testimony prepared for delivery before the Environment Subcommittee o1 the Senate Commerce Committee, Dr.

David Rail, who is scheduled to follow me this morning, said, and I quote- "Toxic substances control legislation which prevents the exposure of segments of the population to disease-pro- ducing substances is a key element of preventive medi- cine. Our traditional health care system, they say, simply cannot cope with environmentally-induced diseases.

Wynder, president of the American Health Foundation, has pointed out that heart disease, cancer, stroke, and accidents account for 70 percent of deaths among Americans. And the chief causes of these diseases are "environmental" in the broadest sense of that term. Wynder concludes, "in a society where infectious diseases have been Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 overcome through sanitary measures, immunization, and antibiotics, the major causes for today's death toll Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 chronic diseases.

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This death toll is largely due to unhealthy life style- Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 working environments and disease-producr. Over a year ago, scientists uncovered disturbing evidence that children, whom we had Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 unaffected in any lasting way, can contract chronic and acute disabilities as a result of air pollution. As rrany as 20 percent of the children in a city such as New York, one study concluded, can devel- op severe and chronic respiratory diseases.

Another study in a southern city with relatively heavy air pollu- tion had similar results.

The National Cancer Institute has Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 that the actual cost ot cancer to people amounts to tens of billions of dollars a year. Yet the World Health Organization estimates that from 60 to 90 percent of all cancer is the result of "environmental" factors, again, in the broadest sense of that term. We have all read the news stories recently concerning the Nooe!

I was struck by the fact that, in their first public statements upon receiving the award, two of these scientists Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 the fact that, in the words of one of ihem, Dr.

David Baltimore of the Massachusetts institute of Technology, "the role of viruses in cancer is small' and that " the best Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 today for cures is research into envircinmental causes of cancer. Baitirnore went on to say, "is a good place to put funds now. Society has already been bearing these costs in one form or another-iri the loss of recreational uses of rivers and beaches; in the increased treatment costs of our drinking water, in the damage from air pollution to buildings, farm crops, and forests; and most importantly, through medical and hospital bills, time lost on the job because of illness, human suffering, earlier mortality, and the like.

When we con- trol and cut pollution at the source, we are shifting Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 costs from the shoulders of society as a whole onto those of the polluter, Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 they belong in the first place.

Such costs then tend to be passed on to the pci- luter's customers. But this is the most efficient way of allocating these costs and of encouraging, at the same time, the development of both processes and practices that generate less pollution. Moreover, all our experience indicates that the cost of the particular pollution to society as a whole is usually far greater than the cost of cleanup and control. What all of this suggests to a layman such as myself is that both our popular understanding of, and our public approach Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4, health care and disease control are going to Iwill DP-533 pcb 1.4 to undergo a searching reexamination and, I suspect, radical revision.

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