Driver UPDATE: Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display

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Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display Driver

USB display for easy setup of Windows® and Macintosh® the projector, make sure you have all these parts: Projector. BrightLink. Wi CD. Power cord. Epson BrightLink Wi Manual Online: Using The Easy Interactive Pen Driver. The Easy Connect a VGA computer cable and USB cable to the projector Projector Epson BrightLink Wi Start Here Manual EBW The Reaction Time For The Easy Interactive Pen Is Slow (only When Projecting Usb Display). Now, you can make almost any wall interactive with the BrightLink Wi. This high-performance projector + pen combination integrates interactive functionality.

Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display Drivers for PC

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Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display Driver

Epson BrightLink 455Wi User Manual: Using The Easy Interactive Pen Driver

If you don't already have a program, however, you can also install Epson's own software, which lets you draw on the screen, highlight areas, toggle between pen and mouse modes, and more. I found the program easy to use with essentially no learning curve.

Brightness and Image Quality I measured the Wi at 2, lumens, or about 98 percent of its 2,lumen rating. Most projectors don't even come close to their ratings.

Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display Driver UPDATE

I measured the CP-A, for example, at only 85 percent of its 2,lumen rating, and most projectors score even lower than that. The projector also scored well on image quality for data images, running through our standard DisplayMate tests with only minor problems. Screens with large black areas had a misty appearance, Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display of a slight glow across the entire screen, but most data screens aren't primarily black, so that's not much of an issue for real-world use.

Colors were vibrant and fully saturated, and the image offered sharp focus across the entire screen, which is harder to get with an ultra short throw projector than with projectors with longer throws.

Image quality for video was far less impressive, a shortcoming the Wi shares with the CP-A Among Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display issues, I saw motion artifacts, with moving objects showing tearing on their edges, and posterization in skin tones, with shading changing suddenly where it should change gradually. The image also had a slightly hazy look that indicates a low contrast ratio.

I'd call the video usable for the sort of short clips you might use in a classroom or business presentation, but not suitable for anything more than that. Note too that the Wi's built-in audio system is strictly mono.

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The watt speaker offers reasonably good sound quality, and it's loud enough for a small to mid-size conference room or classroom. If want stereo, however, you'll need an external sound system.

Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display Drivers for Windows

You'll also need one if you want to make sure the sound is loud enough for a large room. Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display warranty is also worth mention, at two years for business customers or three years for educational customers. In either case, if the projector needs replacement during the warranty period, Epson will ship the replacement overnight for the next business day, with Epson picking up the cost of shipping in both directions.

Epson BrightLink wi Projector - Physical Tour - Projector Reviews

If you're thinking about combining a projector and an interactive whiteboard in a conference room or classroom, the BrightLink Wi should be Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display of your prime candidates. It's impressive enough, in fact, to be our new Editors' Choice for short-throw projectors. The lumens is more than enough to project an image large enough for a classroom or conference room in typical lighting conditions.

Various additional preset modes also offer brightness suitable for lower light levels, with a low of lumens for the least bright mode in our tests. The projector also offers an Eco mode that we measured at lumens using the brightest preset mode, or about 36 percent lower than the same preset in Normal mode.

Epson says that Eco mode boosts lamp life from to hours, which is a notably modest gain for the relatively large percentage drop in brightness. The projector also scores well on brightness uniformity.

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Just as important, the brightest and least bright Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display are separated enough, and the brightness changes gradually enough, so the difference isn't noticeable even on a solid white screen. The Wi has neither an HDMI nor a DVI connector, which means it can't accept a digital connection, but it otherwise offers a suitably large range of connectors for either an educational or business environment. There are two VGA ports that can each connect to either a computer or a component video source.

Also included are an S-Video port and a composite video jack.

Using The Easy Interactive Pen Driver - Epson BrightLink Wi User Manual [Page 46]

Each of these is paired with its own stereo audio input, with a miniplug input for each VGA port and one set of two RCA phono plugs shared by the S-Video and composite video ports. Plug in three sources, and when you switch between images, you'll automatically switch Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display the right audio input as well.

The connection panel also offers a pass-through monitor connector, a microphone input, a miniplug stereo audio output, two USB ports, an RS port, and a LAN connection. One USB port is meant primarily for a document camera, which you can get from Epson or elsewhere. The other lets you connect to a computer so you can use the projector's interactive feature.

In addition, the Ethernet port lets you manage the projector from a computer over a network. The RS port lets you run diagnostics as Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector USB Display as turn the projector on or off though a third party controller. Note too that you can send data to the projector over a LAN or over the USB port, but Epson says the response time for the interactive feature will be a little sluggish in both cases.

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