Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash 64Bit

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Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash Driver

Buy Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital Flash for Fujifilm Cameras featuring Compatible with Fujifilm TTL, Guide Number: 85' at ISO and 85mm Coverage. Metz, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance flash units for more than 60 years, is proud to introduce the new compact flash Metz Mecablitz Firmware History mecablitz 26 AF 1 digital GB - (36 KB). Download time: Analog Modem ca.

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Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash Driver

Metz's aim in the mecablitz 26 AF-1 has been to find an effective balance between miniaturization and usefulness to suit users of small cameras, whether DSLR, mirrorless or advanced compact - many of which lack an on-board flash. Since then practically every compact has come with a flash of some sort, and with the demise of the popular compact, smartphones have taken up the mantel — albeit with a popping bright light rather than a Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash electronic flash.

With the small batteries many of these cameras run on, perhaps a no-flash diet is a matter of health as much as bulk.

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash Treiber

As compensation many brands supply their cameras with a tiny hotshoe gun perhaps 'handbag pistol' rather than gunbut while these Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash devices indeed produce light and are small enough to carry anywhere, they tend to be pretty underpowered and miniaturization leaves them extremely close to the lens axis — especially on the smallest cameras. This is where the mecablitz 26 AF-1 is designed to step in.

Mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital / Fujifilm

Flash ready and correct exposure indicator in camera in hotshoe and slave modes Connections: USB for firmware upgrades Power: Another significant advantage of using this gun over the type generally supplied is the distance the source sits from the lens axis and the ability this unit offers to bounce its light from a ceiling. You might feel it is a bit of a con to call the unit the 26 AF-1 when the guide number of the naked head is actually 20m, and only 26m with the telephoto adapter — and I'd be inclined to agree.

The unit is very nicely made, and feels solid enough. It is a plastic body, but it doesn't creak too much and the hinge action is rugged and the buttons feel that they will last. I found the battery compartment unnecessarily awkward to open Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash close the first couple of times, but it wore smooth Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash I used it more.

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash 64Bit

The manual quotes flashes from a set of standard alkaline cells 2xAAAwith NiMH batteries and when using lithium. I used lithium batteries and found that at exposures the cells were still going strong. Obviously not every burst was at full power, but this probably gives a better Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash of battery life for normal photography. While the Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1 is powerful enough to balance out hard shadows on a bright sunny day, owners of compact system cameras that don't feature an ISO setting will find it a little more difficult to get the most out of the gun.

Firmware download for mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital

Without the influence of ambient light the work the flash is putting in becomes much more obvious. When the Metz was mixed with the built-in flash of the host camera again the effects are subtle, but they are supposed to be. Having the flexibility to operate the Metz in TTL or manual mode is extremely useful and opens the possibility to have widely varying power ratios.

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash used the gun in slave mode and controlled both the Metz and the built-in flash from the camera's menu system.

Mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital: Metz

In the GH4 menu system the built-in flash can be set to communicate with the Metz but not actually fire during the exposure: Balanced with mecablitz flash from behind. Mecablitz flash from behind only. Having downloaded a small program and the firmware itself, the process is easy if you can concentrate long enough to read the on-screen instructions.

In my magical fantasy land it would Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash nice if we could switch firmware to allow the gun to be used with different camera brands. The gun is obviously not only for small cameras, though it is the smaller models that it suits best, as versions are available for all the main DSLRs too.

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Mini Flash

The light source is really pretty small so it creates hard shadows and squinting humans, and is thus somewhat less than ideal. It does make a handy focusing aid though in dim conditions for stills photographers.

While coverage from the video Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash is nicely even, the same can't really be said of the flash. The lens of the flash head seems quite large, but on closer inspection you can see that the light output area occupies only a fraction of the lens face. So the source and the mirror box are quite small, and the light has to pass through a dramatically scribed Fresnel lens.

The result is that the coverage is pretty uneven, with a dark wave at the bottom of the frame in wide angle shots when the diffuser isn't in place. Even with a 35mm lens the coverage isn't completely even, and the dark area still peeks into the bottom of the frame.

With the diffuser in place coverage is even enough for all but the most technical copying work — for which you wouldn't be using this kind of Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash. A bright area appears across the middle of the frame, but it isn't drastic and in most natural subjects it will not be visible. The answer then is to use the diffuser most of the time.

The tele converter is also less than perfectly smooth in its illumination, but again the variations Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash brightness are only really visible when you photograph a white wall in the lab to see if the illumination is even.

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash Drivers Windows XP

In real life the slightly brighter stripes won't show up. Small enough Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1 Digital Flash carry in a pocket and to marry nicely with flat topped or prism styled compact system cameras, it is at the same time large enough to pack a decent punch and flexible enough to give some control.

As a hotshoe gun it does just what it is supposed to do with consistent results, and with the ability to bounce it allows us to escape the harsh flat light of a direct burst.

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